Develop and disseminate knowledge for evidence-based social work education, training, practice, research and administration.


Provide continuing education for social work education, training, practice, research and administration to prepare qualified social work manpower to meet the goals of the profession.


  • To foster excellence in our Teaching, Research and Practice.
  • To prepare students with the attitudes, skills and habits of lifelong learning and leadership skills, enabling them to be useful members of a global society.
  • To conduct Research Projects for state and central governments and corporates to provide recommendations and suggestions for policy making.
  • To take up Evaluation Studies of CSR Projects
  • To be an exemplary institution of Social Work Education, Practice and Research

To reach this end we work and judge ourselves by the most demanding standards; encourage ourselves and students to be bold, independent and creative; provide infrastructure to support teaching, research and practice.

The college is a community of scholars who are dedicated to the pursuit, advancement and transmission of knowledge in the area of social welfare policy and research in the state and in the country. Through the scholarly and educational endeavors of its faculty and students, the college is committed to the promotion of social justice and harmony. The college strongly believes in excellence in instruction and practice. It expects both the students and faculty to engage in educational tasks and research.