Academic Training

Class Room Teaching

The social work courses consist of both class room teaching and field training. Theory classes are held four times in a week covering the different papers in the course. The different papers cover the philosophy, core courses, theories, methodology, skills and techniques required for gaining knowledge in the subject and for practice. Classes are held four days in a week.

Field Work

Field Work is an integral part of the social work course.
The components of field work are:-

  • Observation visits (BSW & MSW
  • Concurrent Field Work
    1. Field Work Placements in different settings for training (BSW & MSW)
    2. Rural Camp (BSW & MSW)
    3. Study Tour (MSW)
    4. Block Field Placement (MSW)

The objective is to put into practice classroom teaching and to acquire skills and techniques for pursuing professional social work. As part of the Field Work programme students are exposed to welfare agencies, urban and rural communities, service organizations, industries, research institutions, Govt. departments and Corporate sectors. For fieldwork practice students are placed in institutions working for the children in difficult circumstances, adoption, disabled, mentally challenged and the elderly; health settings and rural urban and tribal community development projects. Industries and human resources management areas.

Rural Camp

Students are taken for a rural camp to villages surrounding the city. The objective is to sensitize them on the rural realities. Students learn about rural life, study their personal, demographic, social profile and infrastructural facilities available, resources, problems and concerns. An analysis of situation is made and submitted along with their observations.

Study Tour

MSW students are taken for Study Tour to different cities in the country based on their specializations. During the study tour they visit organizations, institutions, industries relating to their field of specialization and departments of social work in the respective universities. The objective is to observe and learn about the services and developmental activities available in different areas of the country.  This exposure provides them with information about social welfare activities and social work education at the National level. 

Block Placement - Internship

After completing Two years of Masters Degree Students are placed for Block Placement in different agencies and Industries for 45 days, as part of of their Internship programme.

Training Programmes

The College is engaged in training programmes in different fields. It conducts training programmes for in service personnel of government and non-government organizations in acquiring professional skills in social work.

English Computer Based Training

The Osmania University has introduced Computer Based Teaching (CBT) in English at the undergraduate level. Apart from General English teaching of Prose, Poetry, Non-detail and Grammar, this method of practice on the computer, enhances the students listening as well as communication skills in English. It is an integral part of English Teaching to all undergraduate students in the Osmania University.

The college has a well-equipped Computer Lab for English Language Skills, focusing on listening comprehension. The CDs are provided by the English Department of Osmania University. The students practice it on the CDs with the head- phones on the computer throughout the academic year. They are exposed to different accents from all over the globe. At the end of the academic year each student is tested on the listening comprehension as well as communication skills like pronunciation, fluency, word stress and accent. Marks are allotted for the same and sent to the University. It is a compulsory subject for all first and second year degree students.

At present the lab has all the latest equipment and is furnished with 6 computers, head-phones, LCD and Multi-media Kit.