Gold Medals - Awards - Scholarships

Bsw Gold Medals

  • RDAS Gold Medal is awarded by the Osmania University to a student who secures the Highest marks in BSW examinations.
  • Roda Mistry Gold Medal is awarded for A Best Student of the year.
  • Virendra Trehan Gold Medal is awarded for Highest Marks in Field Work

Msw Gold Medals

  • S.K. Tyagi Gold Medal is awarded every year to a student who secures the Highest Marks in MSW examinations
  • Jawahar Gold Medal is awarded for Best Dissertation
  • Virendra Trehan Gold Medal is awarded for Highest Marks in Field Work.
  • First Batch of Degree Gold Medal is awarded for Outstanding Student of the Year

Students Aid

The College lends a helping hand to those students who are otherwise not eligible to apply for government scholarships. It offers freeships to such students like those belonging to various categories, Viz., economically backward, students from rural areas and meritorious students.

The faculty of the college takes initiatives to tap the resources from the community to provide financial assistance to some of our needy students. We are proud to state that some of these students are now well placed. From time to time, the faculty members too have come forward to support students financially and emotionally.


In addition to the Students Aid,  students are eligible to apply for Government of TS / Government of India Scholarships.

Students Interaction

A rare feature of the college is the healthy and constructive interaction of the MSW and BSW students for promoting professional bonding. Students functions like Fresher and Farewell parties are the occasions which brings students together as a community of Social Work trainees and sharing of professional and personal experiences occurs. 

Faculty Support

Faculty members in the college play an important role in student development. They counsel students not only in academics but also at personal level to enable them to overcome any family problems and peer group pressures

Students/Faculty Exchange Programme

Some of our students are members of AISEC and have visited countries like Thailand, Indonesia and other countries as a part of Exchange programme.

Rotaract Club

A Rotaract Club is started in the college titled “Roda Mistry Social Architects” with 60 students as members. Several Social Service activities are undertaken as a part of the club.