Research and Action Cell

The Research & Action Cell of the college takes up Research projects, training, evaluation, consultancy, counseling services, conducts seminars and workshops. The college is open to proposals from Multinational Companies and Non-Governmental Organizations for training of their personnel and for monitoring and evaluation of their CSR projects. It assists them in conductingneed based surveys, planning of their projects as well as implementing them.

Objectives of the Cell:

  1. To lend professional support to organizations working in the development sector.
  2. To ensure consistent and sustainable strategies for building resilient communities.
  3. To identify the areas of need and design strategies for CSR activities.
  4. To foster effective collaboration between the Communities and the Organizations. 
  5. To give a holistic approach for the sustainability of the CSR activities through continuous assessment. 
  6. To Monitor and evaluate the projects and Social Accountability. 
  7. To ensure transparency and visibility in all the CSR initiative of the organization.

Our Services cater to:

  1. Public Sector Units (PSUs)
  2. Private Sectors
  3. Multi-National Corporations
  4. International Non-Governmental Organizations
  5. Non-Governmental Organizations
  6. All kind of Institutions


  1. Completed more than 35 Research and Action Projects for Central, State Government and NGO’s.
  2. Evaluation of CSR Projects of BDL Hyderabad for 2013-14. 
  3. In consultations with few organizations for under taking their Research/ Action Programmes.

Services Provided:

  1. Compilation, documentation and creation of database
  2. Capacity Building and Enabling PSUs to effectively carry out CSR activities.
  3. Baseline Surveys & Impact Studies.
  4. Action Projects
  5. Consultancy, Implementation and Evaluation of CSR projects.
  6. Conferences, Seminars, Workshops at both State and National Level.

Implementation Team:

Human Resources required for these core areas of the Research and ActionCell, will have a team of well experienced and eminent Academicians, Researchers and Practitioners from the field of Social Work.